A serious accident Wednesday morning at Trilby and Lemay in Fort Collins should lead to serious action on the roadways. How fast do you travel on city roads? Are people trying too fast?

Accident at Trilby and Lemay Wednesday TheDenverChannel

There was an accident involving a Ford Focus and a pick-up truck. The two vehicles collided head-on around 6:30 a.m.

Do you think that traffic situations in Fort Collins are getting worse? What exactly can be done about the seemingly increasing serious accidents in town?

I have such an issue with this for a multitude of reasons. I don't think that everyone is paying attention on the road. I think that people are so wrapped up in their own thoughts and minds and in multi-tasking while driving that we are all in danger. We cannot go on like this, we can't just accept the multi-tasking driver, the red light runner and the inconsiderate driver dodging in and out of traffic and being reckless to stay a car length ahead of the pack. But what can be done, there are already laws in place to stop many of the offenses. It isn't like we can hand out consideration, care and caution.

How many drivers did you run across today that were doing other things while driving? How would you put an end to the out of control reckless driving in Fort Collins and beyond?

Two men from the Ford Focus were treated for serious injuries they received in the accident and are expected to be okay, the pick-up driver was not injured.

According to the Coloradoan, the pick-up driver was turning left onto Trilby from behind a school bus when the crash happened.

The accident is under investigation and citations are pending. The names of those involved had not been released as of Wednesday night.