It's on the minds of many, should the Fort Collins City Council repeal the bag fee they passed in August or should they send it to voters?

City of Fort Collins Repeal or Vote on Bag Fee Getty Images

Signatures were collected to squash the 5-cent bag fee in Fort Collins.

In an article by the Coloradoan, citizens have spoken loud and clear about the bag fee adopted by the City Council in August.  Representatives from Citizens for Recycling Choices collected over 4-thousand signatures on their disposable bag referendum petition. The council now has to decide whether to repeal the ordinance or send it to voters. They will decide what they're going to do Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014.

So what is your vote, to vote or repeal the bag fee? Take the poll here and let's tell the Fort Collins City Council how they should respond to the petition against the bag fee.