The holidays are right around the corner, which means family will be coming to visit and staying at a local hotel. But what should you do if they like to smoke cannabis?

No worries at all with this question, as there are plenty of hotels throughout the region that will allow them to partake in the legal Colorado substance in either their room or outside. Colorado Pot Guide has a comprehensive list of all the lodging possibilities throughout the state, including private residences that you can rent.

If you have started to make those plans on where you'll be housing your family throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas, and have needed the answer to this, here are six possibilities that you can inquire about.

Keep in mind that these six are located throughout all of Northern Colorado so try to find the one that is closest to where your holiday festivities will occur.


  • 1

    Rustic River Cabins - Estes Park

    Rustic River Cabins is located at 2550 Big Thompson Canyon in Estes Park, just four miles from the center of the city. They are 420 friendly, but keep in mind that it is outside only. There is to be no smoking (of any kind) inside their cabins.

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  • 2

    Dripping Springs Resort - Estes Park

    Dripping Springs Resort is located in Estes Park, and allows any type of smoking by campfires and in parking areas. Now, they do close for the season in October so it may not be too helpful for you for the holiday season. But if you have plans for next summer, Dripping Springs Resort won't frown against you for lighting it up outside.

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  • 3

    The Solarium - Fort Collins

    The Solarium International Hostel is located on 706 East Stuart in Fort Collins. They are one of the few properties in the city that allow you to smoke on their grounds, since they are considered private property. Smoking is only allowed outside, and not in their rooms or on their deck.

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    The Shangri-la Inn at Gaias Farm and Gardens - Laporte

    The Shangri-la Inn in Laporte allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and relax in the mountains at this exciting retreat. They allow you to smoke marijuana in your room, hot tub room, and in private at the outside garden area.

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    Stoney River Lodge - Loveland

    The Stoney River Lodge is located at 1372 Big Thompson Road in Loveland. They allow marijuana smoking outdoors in designated areas. There is to be no smoking (of any kind) inside rooms or $200 will be charged to your credit card.

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    4 Seasons Inn - Estes Park

    The 4 Seasons Inn on Fall River in Estes Park is located at 1130 West Elkhorn Avenue. All smoking (of any kind) must be done outside. No smoking is allowed indoors.

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