I love Spring and it's the only time of the year I actually enjoy cleaning.  With everything springing to life, the birds chirping and grass getting green it's time to buckle down and mop up all the spilled Winter coffee.

I did a story a few months ago about finding the spare key to my Mustang which had been lost since 1998.  The moral of that story was that you have no idea what you might find under the seats of your cars when you remove them for a deep cleaning.

Spring cleaning can be fun and reinvigorating so don't look at it like it's a task or chore.  Dust be gone!  Carpets cleaned!  Drapes cleaned!  Hose it down!  Wash it up!  Sweep it sideways!

OK, I'll stop.

Seriously though, cleaning our vehicles and home doesn't have to be a nightmare and can be even easier when you have someone else do it.  Hey, when I said it was fun I didn't say it was because I was doing the cleaning; it's because someone else might be doing it cheaper than I can.

In fact, Seize the Deal is offering 60% off ALL items but it's today only.  I have personally purchased 3 items myself.  I like to save money and I like having to not do the work.  Carpet cleaning and some auto goods for me today and I even bought some food for 60% OFF.

We all win on this one.  Check out the website and I guarantee you will find a great deal for you and your family. Today is a no-brainer...60% off EVERYTHING.