You're out camping and brought the wrong sized batteries, forgot a camp light or have no safe drinking water, what do you do? (Pretend you can't just jump in your truck and go home and grab a beverage saying well at least we can say we gave that a shot)



  • Strap a headlamp to a gallon of water to create an area light for your camp sight or surroundings.
  • Prepare firestarter balls with Vaseline and dryer lint and you'll have a fire in no time.
  • Convert triple A batteries to double A by adding tin foil between the connector and the end of the battery
  • Got butter and toilet paper? You have a candle, cut the butter in half and stick a twisted piece of toilet paper in the center and you have light!
  • Use an empty pill bottle to safeguard and waterproof emergency items like a birthday candle, aspirin, matches or a band-aid.