Yesterday my grandson Zander got his first pony and no surprise it came from Susan. Snowflake has a new home and they are very happy together.

A year or so ago Susan and I were driving through Windsor when she hollered to STOP. I had

Brian Gary, TSM

no idea why, then she pointed to dumpster. There was an old bouncy horse sitting in a dumpster and she grabbed it and threw it in the truck. She said this was a rescue mission. Well ol Snowflake has sat in her barn for other barn visiting kids to ride since that day. Yesterday we had Habajeeba show practice in the barn and Snowflake came home with me. I put her in the front yard and waited for Zander to come out front and see her. When he hit the front door, he hollered "Oh my goodness!" He was so excited and jumped right on. I am not sure we will ever get him off of her. It just shows that one persons trash is another persons prize winning pony. Like the wind Zander