15 Minute Meals

Recipe Rescue: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup-All in One
This has got to be one of the most classic combinations of all time, grilled cheese and tomato soup. Rarely do I come across someone who does not like this marriage of flavors popping in their mouth. Because of the warmer days of summer, soup isn't the first thing on your mind, but this recipe …
Recipe Rescue: Breakfast Pastry Inspired by Ina
There are few sweets that I enjoy, but a nice pastry with a cream filling is yummy. I have these a few times a year, but feel free to have them as often as you like. (just make sure you call me so I can join you when you make them)
Recipe Rescue: Hearty Earthy Pasta Salad
A slight twist on the pasta salad. I usually make the same pasta salad every summer and My James isn't really a fan of cheddar cheese, so this past weekend when I asked what kind of pasta salad he said no cheddar cheese. That made me realize that most things I put in my pasta salad, although he…

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