Appetizers & Snacks

Recipe Rescue: Veggie Samosa
When I go to an Indian restaurant I order Veggie Samosa before I'm even comfy in my seat. I love them and could make a meal of them. And they aren't hard to make, so let's get cooking.
Recipe Rescue: Sesame Chicken Wonton Wraps
I love playing with my food and recreating meals that we have eaten for years. Not changing the integrity of the recipe, just kicking it up a bit. I think that you'll like this Sesame Chicken Wonton Wraps recipe, it's quick, easy and tasty. This recipe is good for dinner or as appetizers.
Recipe Rescue: Pigs in the Blanket Get Slim
It's really a no brainer for this favorite snack food. I can count nearly a million times that I have made these in all different ways, different crescents, without cheese with cheese, even with a dash of chili once, they are so versatile, cheap and easy now these pigs in a blanket get slim.

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