Can You Hear the Robins?
As I sit at my desk thinking of some mind-blowing thing to write about, I am distracted by the overwhelming loud chatter outside my office window. Low and behold there are a ton of Robins.
Eunince The Robin Hatches Family
Thought I would give you a quick update on my new friend Eunice the robin and her new family. I came out the nest which is on one of my fence posts and saw 3 little open mouths sticking out above the nest. They were so cute. I stuck my phone above the nest to get a picture but didn't want to ge…
My New Friend Eunice the Robin
The yard is alive with the sound of critters. I can hear the squirrels hollering and the birds mouthing off as well. It seems every time i step onto my deck I am being verbally assaulted by our feathered friends. Now I have known for years that these little devils like to use my car as practice for …

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