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Well That Did Not Go As Planned - My Kidney Stone Update
Yesterday was going to be a monumental day in my kidney stone battle. I was going in to have the stent removed that runs from my bladder and kidney. I had an ESWL procedure done and we had hoped it had crushed my mammoth kidney stone to dust and it would just flush out...nope, as usual, I have hit a…
Update on My Kidney Stone Procedure and Recovery
Well that part is finally done. I have been waiting for two months to have my 1/2 inch kidney stone blasted so I can finally get on with life. This has been a major nuisance and I am ready for the healing part to begin. I thank the UCHealth team for once again taking good care of me.
5 Things I'm Not Looking Forward to About Kidney Stone Removal
This is a big week for me as me and my kidney stone are going to finally part ways. I have had this baby for a few years but after I lost all this weight and got active, I jostled it around a bit and jarred that chunk of whatever it is made of, loose. It has been causing me unpleasantness for about …
One Year Ago Today I Started Making a New Me - See the Change
Today is a very special anniversary for me. It was exactly one year ago today that I walked through the doors at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor and decided to turn myself over to them and try to save my life. I could not be more thrilled with the results. This has been the most important year of…
Ten Months Into the New Me - Where Am I and What is Next?
It has now been 10 months since I changed my life and hooked up with Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. This has been the greatest thing I have ever done and it keeps getting better every day. I have been on this earth for 52 years but everything I do feels brand new because I have never experience…
Nine Months Ago Today I Started Working on the New Me
What an amazing 9 months this has been. It on May 22nd, exactly 9 months ago, that I began my transformation with the miracle workers at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. Nine months. That is how it takes to be created and born and in that same amount of time I was able to be recreated and reborn!
How I am Doing With My Battle of the Holiday Weight Gain
Time for an update on my health and my battle with my weight. I turned myself over to the angels at Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor in May and had lost 140 pounds...before the holidays. My last weigh in before my Christmas vacation was on December 21 and I was at 196 lbs.
How Did My Weight Loss Hold Up During the Holidays?
Well I knew the holidays would be a challenge for my new body and new found health and it was. I would say I failed...and that is okay. I planned on it. I decided that since I had been so good for the last 6 to 7 months that I would let myself eat whatever I wanted over the holidays and I did.

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