Child Abuse

28 Hours of Hope: D Dennison Get’s It!
28 Hours of Hope, a tradition with a cause. The Good Morning Guys give their all for this event. The months, days and hours dedicated to the event all go unseen. Todd and Brian handle the meat of the event and a few chosen add the supporting materials to create what has grown to be a huge success ev…
Brian and Todd’s “28 Hours of Hope”

Over the last couple of weeks, the whole country has been delighted by the video of the baby who laughed at paper being torn up.
(Except when Matt Lauer did it.)
It was posted at lots of other websites—“You Have To See This!” was the mantra.
Millions of people did see it-- who doesn’t want to …
28 Hours – 2 More Sleeps
The 13th Annual 28 Hour of Hope is earlier this year. It's just 2 days away! Beginning at 5 a.m. on Thursday, March 10th Brian and Todd will stay on the air for 28 consecutive hours to raise money and awareness for child abuse prevention.   The money raised will  go to  A Kid's Place in Greeley, Nam…