Chris Ledoux

My Five Favorite Country Singers of All Time – Brian’s Blog [VIDEO]
Everyone has their list of the their favorite artists. The singers who, no matter what they do, you are going to buy their music. I have my list. Many of them are no longer with us but I probably have every single song they have ever recorded. The ones who are still with us can still count on me to buy whatever they put out.
A “MAZE” ing Country Stars
Recently a couple of country stars have been featured in corn mazes. The Shelby Corn Maze in Shelby, North Carolina features Jason Aldean.  The Steed's Dairy Corn Maze in Grovetown, Georgia features Lady Antebellum. Back in 2007 Fritzler's Corn Maze south of Greeley featured Chris LeDoux.  In 2005 Fritzler's had a maze paying tribute to Elvis and Ray Charles.
Brian’s Country Mt Rushmore
If you ever want to start an argument, state who is the all time best at something and you will get a hearty debate. When it comes to favorite country artists of all time, there should be no argument, it is your personal opinion. If you were making a Mount Rushmore of your favorite country stars of all time, what 4 artists would be on it?

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