More Snow Expected Sunday Night into Monday
While it won't be like the Christmas Day into Friday storm that we had that dumped between 4-8 inches in the Fort Collins-Loveland-Greeley area, it looks like we are in a snowy and FRIGID pattern here in Northern Colorado.
The National Weather Service is saying we could pick up another 3 inches …
Cold or Allergies? Here’s the 5 Question Guide! [QUIZ]
It starts with the irritated throat, watery eyes and sneezing... do you have a cold, the flu or is it allergies?
Take the quiz now and know, just click the take our quiz link.
When you're done taking the quiz click here and take a peak a more complete list of ways to tell the difference between c…
Best Coffee In Fort Collins – Our Top 5
Coffee is my life! I love coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and late at night. Whether its served black or foo foo style, I love coffee. In Fort Collins there are many coffee houses to choose from, each offering their own flare.

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