Coors Field

Rockies First Manager Dies
When Colorado was awarded an expansion team in 1993, the team name and colors were decided. What they needed then were the right players and the right man to lead them. It's not easy to come out of the gate with a brand new franchise and compete in the National League West...
Iconic Colorado Vendor Captain Earthman Passes Away
If you've been to a Colorado Rockies game in the past 24 years, you may have crossed paths, or even bought a beer from Brent Doeden – an iconic vendor more affectionately known by fans as Captain Earthman, who sadly passed away on Monday morning at the age of 61.
The ‘Most Instagrammed’ Location in Colorado is…
Snow-capped mountains, unique wildlife, and beyond gorgeous sunsets are just some of the most common snapshots to be captured by Instagrammers here in Colorado. But what location in our state is the most popular place to post photos from when using the social app?
Colorado Rockies Home-Opener Today
Take me out to the ballgame. The Rockies home-opener is today. Are you ready for some Coors Field magic? There are so many great opening day memories. I can vividly remember Eric Young hitting a lead off home run as the first batter in the first home game for the Rockies at Mile High. I was there on opening day when Coors Field opened too. Opening day is always full of magic. Are you ready? Read M
Charley’s “Baseball Opening Day” Fun Facts of the Day
Opening day for Baseball fans is almost a religious experience for many.  I do love baseball, don't get me wrong, I just don't eat, sleep and breath it.  But what's more fun than going to a baseball game on a nice day or evening with some peanuts, hot dogs and beer that you eventually need to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for.  Opening day also has many "firsts" that are kind of fun to