Larimer Health Inspections: April 11-17
The Larimer County Health Department is at it again, and i'd like to personally thank them. Two days ago I actually walked out of a restaurant because it was visibly dirty. The Health department checks local restaurants for food safety and cleanliness.
2 Dead In Weld County Plane Crash
Deputies with the Weld County Sheriff's Office responded to a plane that crashed in a field near WCR 80 and WCR 43 on Tuesday, October 13, at approximately 11:37 a.m.
The only 2 individuals on the plane have been confirmed deceased at the scene...
Colorado Tavern Repeatedly Targeted With Stink Bombs
A stink bomber has repeatedly targeted a Copper Mountain tavern - the most recent incident being its 13th offense in 3 years.
No one knows why this is happening, but deputies in Summit County are searching for the man responsible.
Surveillance video captured an older white male "throwing a plasti…