The Unsung Female Rockstars of Taste of Fort Collins
Having worked the carnival myself (yes, it's true, and I wouldn't change it for the world,) I couldn't help but notice the showmanship of this lady.  I was taught to entertain while you're out there, whether by interacting with the crowd, grabbing a partner and doing mime tricks to mess with people, something...
Bindi Irwin Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 21
ABC's Dancing With The Stars is slowly beginning to reveal its season 21 cast on Good Morning America, and the first to be announced is none other than the Crocodile Hunter's daughter, Bindi Irwin. Irwin, 17, appeared on her father Steve Irwin's TV show, The Crocodile Hunter, and later went on to appear in her own series, Bindi the Jungle Girl...
15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Instantly Make Yourself Happy
That's right it's been scientifically* proven that looking at these GIFs will instantly make you happy. Sometimes all you need to feel better is a baby penguin in a hat or a wink from Gene Wilder -- that is a scientific* fact. We thought we'd put a whole bunch together to brighten your day. Science* ... we love it!

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