How Much of Colorado is Currently in a Drought
The warm, dry weather we've had recently has taken a toll on our state's moisture. We may love the extended warmer weather, but it has but Northern Colorado into a drought. According the the U.S. Drought Monitor, nearly a quarter of the state is currently under a moderate drought as seen here: In the past week, we have seen a nearly 20 percent increase in the spread of the drought and as of three
It's Official. We Are in a Drought In Northern Colorado
Much like the Keith Urban song "Long, Hot Summer", we here in Northern Colorado are feeling that heat as we are now officially in a drought. It seems that the intersecting county lines of Boulder, Larimer and Weld counties in Northern Colorado appear to be hit the worst in our state outside of the southwest corner of Colorado...
How Much Water is Required to Keep Trees, Plants & Grass Alive in Drought?
As we enter a year facing a drought like we haven’t seen for nearly ten years, water will be on the top of everyone’s mind. One thing is for sure; while watering is being limited, you'll want to make sure that you can keep your plants and grass alive so they don't have to be replaced. You don't want your lawn looking like the one above!