A Decade Later — Football League Decides to Drop Roman Numerals
I couldn't help but point out that this is a decision in the making for 10 years, by a bunch of guys. It's a big deal because women get crap all the time for not being able to make a speedy decision, especially at restaurants. But it is true, the football league has decided to drop the Roman Numerals for the big game next year.
Finally Someone to Play Games With — Have You Seen Jenga Cat? [VIDEO]
I don't know what its like in your house, but its a struggle in mine to find someone that will play games with me. I grew up playing games, cards, trivia with my grandparents and when the kids were all little we played games all of the time. I miss that, I understand why no one will play Scrabble with me (I am a bit competitive with that game), but other games don't motivate anyone either. Maybe I
Making Whoopie is Better for the Brain than Soduko!
Leave it to a Rutgers professor to declare that making whoopie is more beneficial for the brain than word puzzles. Apparently, word puzzles only concentrate on one area of the brain at a time, where as the other stimulates several area's of the brain.

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