The Colorado House Made of Beer Cans
A true reminder that no matter how far-fetched an idea you have might be, someone has probably already done something more 'out there.' And, if it makes a person happy, then so what?!
Another Change of Fort Collins Scenery
I drive through this intersection like a dozen times a week, and it's weird that the old house at the corner of Taft Hill & Harmony Roads tended to look different almost every time I looked at it.  Almost like it was alive.  I would notice boards on the windows that I had…
A House Blew Up In Firestone [Video]
While no deaths have been confirmed, the latest update from Denver 7 is that two men are trapped under the rubble of this house.  They had been making repairs on a water heater in the basement when they became trapped.  Also, two others were taken to the hospital with injuries fr…