Josh Gracin

Grizzly Rose Concert Lineup
The Grizzly Rose has a bunch of great  concerts on their schedule this spring, including:  the JaneDear girls, LoCash Cowboys, Jerrod Niemann, Lee Brice, James Wesley, and Josh Gracin.  Check out the complete line-up:
Josh Gracin At CSU Tomorrow
Josh Gracin is coming to CSU on Wednesday (February 9th)! He is probably best known for finishing 4th on American Idol in its 2nd season.  Since then he has had 4 top-ten hits including "I Want To Live", "Stay With Me (The Brass Bed Song)", "We Weren…
Brian Feeling Idolriffic
Tonight is the debut of the newly revamped American Idol. This has always been one of my favorite shows. I love to watch people get a chance to live out their dreams, that is the part of the show that is so riveting to me. The show gives a chance to people who normally would never get the chance. I …