Argument Leads Husband to List His Wife for Sale on eBay
Arguments happen in relationships, some would even go as far as saying they are healthy to have from time to time, but after one married couple's recent fight, the husband went to all extremes to show his wife just how fed up he really was with the situation – he listed her for …
Colorado's Summer Wedding Shows
You said "YES!" Now, what? Sifting through Pinterest can be a neverending trail of fantastic ideas for your wedding but when are you going to have time to pull them off, continue working, and make sure you are looking your very best for your big day?
Judge Orders Man To Marry His Girlfriend - Or Go To Jail
Marry your boyfriend/girlfriend or go to jail: which would you choose? That's a decision one Texas man had to face in court after an altercation that landed him there.
Josten Bundy, 20, was ordered to marry his girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaynes, within 30 days after Bundy fought Jaynes' ex-boyfr…

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