Denver Could Be the Second Home For Amazon announced this week their desire to find a second North American Headquarters for their online retail service that could mean a $5 billion investment and 50,000 new jobs over the next twenty years for the winning city.
The New York Times did the homework based on the require…
Weird Things that Happened During the Eclipse [Video]
I treated the solar eclipse the way I treat a football game.  Took a look at the beginning... tried to be there for the best part... and listened around me to hear how it turned out... but never sat down to watch it, nor did I go out of my way.
Denver Residents Leaving for Another City
The cost of living in Denver has risen to a point that residents there are searching for another place to live. According to Redfin, Denver ranks in the top 10 nationally in "net outflow", which calculates the number of people actively searching for homes in another metro…
Dollar Sub Day Coming Soon at Jimmy John's
The national chain has ten locations throughout Northern Colorado, and the chain advises customers to check local stores Facebook pages or to call ahead to make sure they are participating in the dollar sub day promotion.
Pennies Worth $1,000 Hidden Around Denver
We've all heard about the superstition: "Find a penny, pick it up; all day long you'll have good luck." Some of us pick up those pennies, while others just ignore them. If you were told those pennies could be worth $1,000, would you change your mind?

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