Greeley Moose Has Been Relocated
The bull moose that has been hanging around Greeley has been relocated over the weekend. According to CBS Denver, the moose has been moved up to the mountains and out of the city.
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Northeast Region posted a video on Twitter of the moose being relocated. Yo...
Greeley Has a... Moose?
When you think about wildlife in Greeley, the last on the list would probably be a moose. Well, it has been big news over the past couple of days that there is, in fact, a moose strolling around Greeley!
According to the Greeley Tribune, it is possible that the Greeley moose followed the Poudre River…
Caught On Video: Moose Struck By Car Near Silverthorne
Last week on Highway 9, just north of Silverthorne, a moose was struck by a car and it was caught on video.
Youtube user Kayla Whitehead captured the incident on video.
Some people might find this video disturbing as it is graphic.
Thankfully, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, neither the moo…