Hungry Burglar Caught After Leaving DNA On Beef Jerky
If you're going to have a snack while robbing a house, make sure you finish eating it. This burglar didn't do that, and he (of course) got caught.
Kristian Dee Evans, 33, stopped for a snack halfway through raiding the home of a 22-year-old student from Hong Kong in South Wales but made the…
Mass Murderer to Get Playmates? [POLL]
A story that could ONLY come from overseas- hopefully never to America. A man killed 77 less than a year ago... and now, he's being set up with people - to keep him company?  Get the details and let us know what you think-- when you 'Read More'!
Bigger Classes, Shorter School Weeks And Debt Free?
Anyone skimming the news regarding an announcement that Colorado Governor Hickenlooper is tightening the budget belt can see that schools may be hit hard and a prison may be closed, but what lies under the surface.  Is this the beginning of the end or is this exactly what the state, if not the …