Weld County Sheriff's Office Rescue Pack of Wandering Puppies
Saturday is a day for the dogs... These puppies seemed to have had an action packed day. Part of that action was being rescued by Weld County Sheriff's Office Animal Control officers from possibly being hit by passing by cars.
Officers responded to a call to the 6700 block of Weld County R…
Dogs Can Be CRAZY!
I have had my fair share of damage from my dogs... Our female ate my wife's glasses. Our male used the headboard in our bedroom as a chew toy, but this dog has totally taken the cake back to his bed and ate it all!
The photos posted on Imgur showed what happened when this Husky was left alone fo…
Does Your Christmas Puppy Have A Top 10 Name?
I wonder how many kids got their Christmas wish of a new puppy. Or maybe it was Dad who got a new hunting buddy this year. But one of the hardest parts, and most fun, is finding that perfect name for your new canine companion. Do you have a top 10 name for your pooch?

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