Colorado Green Chile: The Best Recipe I've Found
For years I have been trying out various recipes of pork green chile. Every single one has been good... but not hit the spot good. That all changed when I found a certain recipe online a few days ago! The type of green chile I like is what you would normally find smothered on a burrito...
[Recipe] Palisade Peach and Colorado Whiskey Jam
I have a lot of hobbies... I love to take photographs, I love making things in my shop with wood, I love flying my drone and now I have gotten the canning bug. The latest hobby has been a hit with friends and family too! It all started with my first box of Palisade Peaches...
Ultimate Mac N' Cheese Recipe
There are those who like store bought macaroni and cheese, then there are people like me... The ones who love it and want to make it their own. My wife and I do this on occasion and when we do, we go head on and all out.
Here is what you will need:

Macaroni and cheese (we got the store bought, pre-mad…

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