Review: Gilded Goat Brewing Company
I don't think the big challenge when designing your new brewery is making good beer. It has to be standing out in a sea of breweries! This one definitely does that.
Brewery Review: Horse & Dragon
The brewery business is undoubtedly tough here in the "Napa Valley of Beer," as Fort Collins has been officially nicknamed in recent years. It takes a good atmosphere, a thoughtful location, and.... oh yeah, good beer.
Shots Fired At Denver Marijuana Dispensary On Sunday
Shots were fired during a robbery at Rino Dispensary in Denver on Sunday.
According to Denver Police Department, 3 black men entered the store and fired 3 shots. They may have left the scene in a silver Mercedes or Volkswagen.
No one was physically harmed in the shooting...
Vince Gill and Paul Franklin, 'Bakersfield' - Album Review
It's almost unfair to call 'Bakersfield' a Vince Gill and Paul Franklin album, because there are so many other skilled musicians who add an important solo, fill or backbeat to the 10-song project. Often when so much talent fills a room, egos bump like elephants at feeding time. But th…
Droid Verses Droid Verses Droid: 3 New Droids Revealed
Forget the days when a phone was a phone they have long past. Phones today rival any thoughts of a mobile phone we had just twenty years ago when we were carrying brick phones in a bag. In recent years the phones have regained their size, not to the extent of the early 90's, but still they have…

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