4 Things From Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed
More often than not, we online shop when we are bored. Don’t try to say any different, because I know from first-hand experience this is true. What better way to pass the time then to shop for things you don’t need, or so it seems you don’t need?
Conversations from the main drag of Cowboy town USA
Loud motorcycle mufflers, quiet minivans and dirt caked trucks headed down this Cowboytown, USA front street. Quite often, moments pass where the drag sits in silence, with no commotion, and the oversized cowboy boot sculpture painted in two deer dancing to a moonlit sky glisten in the Wyoming sun.…
Denver Premium Outlet Mall is Now Open
If you have driven down I25 over the past couple of months you might have been eyeing the new outlet mall that was being built... Good news for those of you that love to shop, the Denver Premium Outlet Mall in Thornton is now open.
The stores that are open include: Aeropostale, American Eagle, Coach,…
Amazon Books Opening Location in Colorado
If you like to read and you are an avid customer of Amazon, you are going to be happy to hear that Amazon Books will be opening a physical location here in Colorado.
Amazon Books has a few locations across the country that include California, Oregon, New York, Texas and other states...

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