The Easiest, Most Fun Place To Cool Off Any Hot Day In Northern Colorado
Some of my best memories growing up are of me and one or two buddies hurling a nerf football as far as we could across deep water, and trying to dive after it from afar.  And today, the smell of lake, along with a backdrop of full, happy trees and a huge summer sky with our mountains in the distance, still brings that energy out of me and makes me relax and have fun while I'm there...
73 Year-Old Fort Collins Man Attempting To Swim The English Channel
Swimming the English Channel is no small feat. The list tops out at 2,671 people who have successfully completed the swim. That number is less than the number of people who have climbed Mount Everest (3,142). It seems like a bigger deal now, doesn’t it? But on top of that, can you imagine your grandparents swimming 21 miles? We sat down with George Thorton, a Fort Collins local who is attempting t