Terrible Tattoo Photo Contest Rules

The total value of the prize is $1,800.00 maximum
The maximum size of the tattoo to be removed is six square inches
Photos submitted of tattoos on or around "private parts" are not eligible
Additional sessions may be required to complete the removal due to the amount of ink at additional char…
Brian Gets A Twinkie Tattoo Live on the Air [VIDEO/PICTURES]
When Todd was on vacation, Brian had Twinkie eating contest with the other Morning Show Djs in the building.  The loser had to get a tattoo of Twinkie the kid on his arm. Brian lost! Thus....Twinkie ink!  Milliken Inkhouse's Jaime Gutierrez is the artist who stepped up to do the job..…
My New Tattoo
I am not a big tattoo guy but do have two...well, three now.  I only put things on my body that are life changing things like my back piece of my family tree and of course a custom Harley tattoo on my right arm.  So, I decided it was time to even out my other shoulder with one more tattoo …