Trivia Bowl

K99 Team Loses Big – ChildSafe Wins Big at Trivia Bowl
I was on the K99 Trivia bowl team again over the weekend.  We didn't do very well, but the good news is the ChildSafe Trivia bowl raised thousands of dollars to help victims of child abuse in Northern Colorado.   At least 2 or 3 of us are fairly bright (snicker, snicker), but her…
K99 Team Trivia Bowl Champions (Business Division)
The 21st Century Trivia Bowl to benefit Look Both Ways was held last weekend in Loveland. The K99 team, The  KaKnowledgers, were the Business Division Champions.  O.K. There were only 2 teams in the Business Division, but we we are still champions dad-gummit. Here is how it went down:
Todd Looking For Redemption At Childsafe Trivia Bowl
Brian Gary, Dave Jensen, and I (Todd Harding) played  on the K99 team  in the Childsafe Trivia Bowl last year and we almost won it! But...nobody remembers who finished 2nd. It was my fault! I blew it. I was the team captain.  We missed 2 questions and I was the guy who wrote down both wrong answers!…