Thanksgiving — The Turkey Do's and Don'ts
Thanksgiving can be a breeze or your biggest nightmare. Check here for the turkey do's and don'ts that could save your day. Whether you have been doing this for years or this is your first time hosting the big bird for your family, you'll be a champion.
I know, I was raised the same way... grandma would cook the bird for what seemed all day and constantly lathered it in some shining concoction like the bird was at the beach, but seriously, if you want a great bird keep the oven door closed.
Recipe Rescue: 24 Days of Thanksgiving; Turkey Questions Answered!
I don't know why, but that unassuming frozen bird causes so much grief every year. How big a turkey will feed everyone AND give us left overs? To Tent or Not? Is it safe to stuff the bird? How long do I cook it? How hot should the oven be? What does basting do and is it necessary?  Okay, before I st…

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