Interesting Colorado Town Slogans
Next time the power goes out, or you're stranded somewhere (like "To Hell You Ride," for example...,) or you're just trying to pass time on the job, you can always make up your own slogans for towns around Colorado. Until then, you're sure to stay entertained with these rea…
Weird Things that Happened During the Eclipse [Video]
I treated the solar eclipse the way I treat a football game.  Took a look at the beginning... tried to be there for the best part... and listened around me to hear how it turned out... but never sat down to watch it, nor did I go out of my way.
Is Country Music Ready For Homosexuality? [POLL]
Brothers Osborne recently released their music video for "Stay A Little Longer," and it features various couples in that weird/in-between/"guessing game" stage - including a same-sex couple.
I think it's safe to assume this is THE FIRST same-sex couple feature…
Could This Be The World's Weirdest Menu?
You've probably seen people eat chocolate-covered crickets and mealworm lollipops on TV - it's weird at first, but after seeing so many people do it, it almost seems normal.
There's a restaurant in Japan that is taking taboo food to a whole new level, and it just might have the world&a…

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