Colorado #MCM - Matt Makens
#MCM, or #ManCrushMonday, MUST be celebrated. Especially here in Colorado, where the men are amazing for various reasons. They could be good looking, make a difference in the world, have a sparkling personality, or even rock a killer man bun (or all of the above) - it doesn't matter...
K99 Country Club Members Do It Better!
If you are a member of the K99 Country Club you know you are on top of the world. You get special announcements about thing's that are happening in our area, get to win thing's and I say happy birthday to you.
Truckin’ Around Town!
Wow! What a great ride. I got to truck around town yesterday in your new 2011 Nissan Titan 4x4, crew cab from Ehrlich Nissan in Greeley.