As previously stated before, my wife is awesome, she, my brother in-law and mother in-law bought me a drone for Christmas. I love the thing! I have only had out a few times due to wind and snow, but soon enough spring will be approaching.

The few times I have taken it out, I was happy with the results when taking photographs were involved. Being able to have a bird's eye view of what is around you really changes your perspective.

Here is a photograph of sunset taken in my neighborhood.

Matt Sparx

As I am still learning how to use the controls for flight, I am also learning a new interface to take photographs with. Thankfully the DJI drone allows me to capture images in RAW format. Pulling out the details in the photographs with this format is much more efficient. Although, the above photo there is a bit of color noise (blue dots) in the black... Learning how to avoid that still.

The next photograph I took was at Windsor lake as the sun was beginning to set.

Matt Sparx

It was pretty chilly, even though the temps were in the high 30's. My hands were cold after about 5 minutes. I flew the drone around for a while getting the hang of being in the air higher and taking it our further than I have before. As I was bringing the drone back in, I saw this, so I took a photo.

I plan on taking my new toy out as much as I can to get some great footage and some pretty awesome photos from the air. Sadly, I can only imagine where I am going to take it until it warms up a bit more.