All this month, K99 has your chance to win $10,000 cash! If you won, what would you do with all that extra green in your pocket? I'm talking about the money... 

Here are ten ideas we thought of. If you win, feel free to use them, and feel free to include us, too.

  • 1

    Pay one month's rent in Fort Collins.

    Because that is pretty much what it costs these days.

    Kseniya Ragozina/ThinkStock
  • 2

    Buy an entire house anywhere east of I-25.

    Because that is pretty much what it costs these days.

    Siri Stafford/ThinkStock
  • 3

    Hook yourself up with a sweet road bike.

  • 4

    Hit up the new Foothills Mall.

    Because it has some awesome new stores now.

    Adam Berry/Getty Images
  • 5

    Build yourself a private overpass at Lemay and Riverside.

    Never wait for that train to pass, stop, back up, stop, go forward and then pass again!

    Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM
  • 6

    Get yourself a boat.

    So you can party on Horsetooth Reservoir.

  • 7

    Purchase a CSU parking pass.

    You probably won't have any money left over, but hey, that's one year of premium parking in the CSU Z Lot and who doesn't want that?

    OR you can park wherever you want, and just use the money to pay off your parking tickets. Win-win.

    Allan Pospisil/ThinkStock
  • 8

    Buy a Subaru.

    I don't know, everyone else is doing it.

    Eric Thayer/Getty Images
  • 9

    Commission an artist to build a statue of that Smash Mouth guy in Civic Center Park.

    Just for s**ts and giggles. And bread. Bring some bread.

    Mike McGinnis/Getty Images
  • 10

    Grab a classy drink at Social in Old Town Fort Collins and enjoy being filthy rich.

    And bring your friends from K99 with you.

    Maxim Shebeko/ThinkStock