Where do I start to say thank you for the 28 Hours of Hope? This was the biggest year yet as we raised well over last years total of $131,000. I am so blown away. The artists who called in were amazing. I loved getting to talk to so many stars who really understood what we were trying to do. I was knocked out by Shelby and Bob who both shared their stories of abuse so bravely. The local businesses who supported us were incredible. The youth groups like the kids from Wellington, the Greeley West girls soccer team, our buddy Chance and all the others who took it upon themselves to help out our kids make me know that the next generation will keep this up and know the power of giving. I am so touched and proud that this event is used as a way teaching others how good it feels to give.Thank you to all of our volunteers who answered phones. The countless people who dropped off food for the crew and to the crew itself who hung with us overnight and throughout the 28 hours.

I know there are countless people who will be helped by the money raised during the 28 Hours of Hope. I am so touched that so many gave a lot. There were some big donations but it takes all of the donations to make this work. We all gave a lot. The definition of "a lot" depends on who you are. If you have 'a lot' your 'a lot' will be bigger than someone who doesn't have as much. For some $10,000 is a lot for others $10 is a lot but it takes all of those to get to the total we reached. I am grateful for every single donation. They all matter and will make a difference. This event is the thing I am most proud of in the 27 years Todd and I have been on the air together. A Kid's Place, Namaqua Center and the LCCAC will be able to do what they do because of the kindness in your hearts. Thanks again for the making the 17th annual 28 Hours of Hope an amazing success. I am so blessed to get to live here, work at K99 and talk to you each day.