My friends at Rubbin' Buttz BBQ have stepped up to set me straight on my bbq'ing and smoking techniques. Some thing's I had right and some thing's, well I was on another planet. Come with me on the greatest summer cooking journey ever.

FB-Rubbin Buttz Family Ribs


  • Hickory is a nice sweet wood
  • Mesquite has a pungent flavor with bitter undertones
  • Rubbin' Buttz BBQawesome with Pork)
    FB Rubbin Buttz Wood


  • Well, we covered that Maple is really good with pork
  • Pork though also likes other fruity/sweet woods
  • Brisketa mixture works best, but through it in the smoker with just hickory and you'll have a smokin' good bite
    FB Rubbin Buttz Smokin'


  • Pork Butt is gonna take awhile, but well worth the wait, smoke that puppy for 16 hours, Scott says low and slow baby get's you a winner every time ( I may be putting words in his mouth, buttz I'm sure he has said it once in his life) And you want to make sure that the internal temp of the smoked butt is at least 195
  • Briskets are virtually the same, make sure the internal temp is around 190. Amanda says that if you don't you could end up with a tough flavorless piece of meat
  • Smokin' on a regular grill is not recommended for these cuts of meats but you can accomplish some tasty treats with smaller meats, in-direct heat and a tray of wood chips (remember to soak your wood chips in water first so they don't burn up)
  • For the Smoker run it at around 250 and sit back... good smokin' can't be rushed
  • FB Rubbin Buttz Burnt Ends


    • Preheat your grill to 400 degree's before putting your meat on it
    • Once you place your meat on the grill turn the heat to medium
    • Don't rush your meat, if it doesn't release easily it's not ready to turn
    • Grill marks, if you won't em' rotate your meat at a 45 degree angle and don't flip till your meat releases again
    • Don't boil your meat before grillin' it, that will make it dry and rubbery
    • Grill chicken at a lower temp and rub with olive oil before throwing on the grill, if you can cook with in-direct heat
    • Chicken is safe to eat when it reaches an internal temp of 165 degrees, make sure that your instant read thermometer is accurate (Amanda adds that Thermapen is the most accurate and registers within 3 seconds) -can anyone say Happy Fathers Day?!
    • Brats and Sausage should reach an internal temp of 155
    • Pork should read out at 145, stuffed or not-the pork is actually safe at 137, but Amanda says she cooks till 145 (remember it is OKAY to eat pork that is slightly pink in the center)

    Ohh when saucing foods on the grill wait until its just about finished cooking then sauce it. this way you can caramelize the sauce without burning it. You should never start out with the sauce on raw. it is also very important to not cross contaminate. If you marinade before grilling throw out the marinade and wash the bowl and utensils before basting with fresh marinade. if you're basting before the outside of the meat is cooked, use a spoon to lightly drizzle the marinade so you don't contaminate your marinade with raw meat. once you flip then use a brush if you desire because any bacteria that may have grown will be dead. -Amanda Nix, Rubbin' Buttz BBQ in Milliken

    Happy Summer Cook-Outs... Have fun and eat great grilled and smoked meats!!!!!