I have seen many comments about how fun it would be to tube the Cache and things along those lines. While it may seem fun, it could kill you.

The City of Greeley wants to remind everyone that floodwater can, and usually does, contain organisms and bacteria that may lead to infections and sickness. The water may also contain waste, chemicals, or debris that may be hazardous to your health and just in case you don't know, DO NOT not drink it and DO NOT swim or play in it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind,

  • Before working in flooded areas, be sure your tetanus shot is current (given within the last 10 years). Wounds that are associated with a flood should be evaluated for risk; a physician may recommend a tetanus immunization.
  • Consider all water unsafe until local authorities announce that the public water supply is safe.
  • Do not use contaminated water to wash and prepare food, brush your teeth, wash dishes, or make ice.