I once lived in Florida and cockroaches were part of the deal, they creep me out, but now scientists say they could be vital as emergency responders.

Squirm all you want, this is more than likely something we will see in our time. Researchers are delinquently working to make this a working reality. It's said that the resilient little creatures would have the ability to go into disaster zones and look for survivors.

Initial tests have proven that the cockroach is a viable asset as an emergency responder. Researchers at North Carolina State University have successfully placed a remote control device on the backs of roaches and guided them along preset paths; such as drawing an 'S' on the ground and remotely controlling the bug along the shape, flawlessly.

Currently the only real struggle is creating a power pack for the roaches back that is lighter in weight. Remote controlling the cockroach is a much simpler plan than developing full blown robotic roaches or bugs.

So next time you see a cockroach, step out of its path as one day it may save you.