We all dream of those special days. Your wedding day or the day your children are born are special ones. When you are a kid you dream of hitting the walk off home run to win the World Series. You dream of being on stage in front of thousands of fans screaming your name. You dream you are accepting the Academy Award or winning the NASCAR championship. These are all great dreams and would be a very special and memorable day indeed but I had something happen the other day that will rival all of these.

Brian Gary, TSM

My wife and I decided to go out to Texas Roadhouse in Greeley and grab some meat. While we were waiting for our order we started to dive into the bucket of peanuts that they put on the table. I reached in and was stunned to find that the very first two nuts I pulled out were both three chamber peanuts!! I was in disbelief. This is like finding several four-leaf clovers in a row. This was the sign of some kind of lucky streak I thought. I was wrong about the streak of good luck but I did enjoy 6 delicious peanuts while only cracking two shells. I would say that is a pretty good payoff. Look out Vegas! Here we come!