I will probably get some flack for this blog. I sure did for my blog on "Who is the Hottest Weather Woman in Denver?" However, I don't care. I think women are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with noticing that. There are many beautiful women in the country music business. I picked my top 5.

5. Cassandra Lawson of The Railers

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

You may not have heard much about this young lady...yet. The Railers knocked us out when they played our New From Nashville show at the Boot Grill. Cassandra Lawson knocked us out with her beauty, inside and out. She is drop-dead gorgeous. Her picture really doesn't do her justice.

4. Carrie Underwood

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

You can't have a blog about pretty ladies in country music without including Carrie Underwood. You just can't. She is a knockout. Carrie might be tops on some people's list and I can't argue that. She is beautiful.

3. Brooke Eden

Jenny Harding, For TSM

Brooke Eden played the Extraction Free Stage at the Greeley Stampede this year and wow. Not only is she one of the brightest new talents in country music, she is one of the biggest babes. She is stunning. She has the kind of beauty that takes your breath away and she did just that this summer.

2. Carly Pearce

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

The first time I met Carly Pearce she was singing back up for Josh Abbott when he visited the radio station. I was knock out then, but I had no idea she would become a big star herself. Then she did a New From Nashville at the Boot Grill and I was reminded what a beautiful girl she is and what a talent she is. We even got to have dinner with her and she is super nice. If Carly was not a singer I have no doubt she could have a job as super model.

1. Faith Hill

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

At first I didn't have her at #1. Then I said to myself, "Who am I kidding?" Faith Hill is one of the most beautiful women ever in the entertainment business. Honestly, she has gotten better with age. She's still got it. Tim McGraw, you are one lucky dude. Your wife is gorgeous.