Anyone remember "Holla Back" by The Lost Trailers?  Well, the band is back with new music and possibly album #6.  With so many albums one would think they would have had more radio and touring success but maybe this is the album to put them on the map.  In fact, the band has already set a record for most first week country radio station adds for an artist-owned independently distributed company and the new single, American Beauty, landed on the Billboard Hot Country songs this week!

The Lost Trailers actually made its professional debut at a Fourth of July picnic held by Willie Nelson.  Later that year the band put out it's self-released debut album called "Story of the New Age Cowboy." That was followed in 2002 by "Trailer Trash" then 2004's "Welcome to the Woods." In 2006, they issued another self-titled effort which landed the singles "Call Me Crazy" and "Why Me", on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. A fifth album, "Holler Back," was released in 2008 including a Top 10 hit with the title track and a Top 20 song called "How 'Bout You Don't".

And that takes us up to present time.  The first single for the re-formed band was released in 2011 called "Underdog", made Top 40 on the country charts and now you are hearing the 2nd single called "American Beauty" for the first time.

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