Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you about the Denver Broncos wide receiver, Wes Welker handing out hundred dollar bills to fans as he left the Kentucky Derby? Well, that is all true, but there is one problem... The money he was handing out might not have been rightfully his! 

According to a statement released by Church Hill Downs, someone from Wes Welker's group on Kentucky Derby Day was the beneficiary of an over payment north of $14,000 due to a "tote malfunction." Although, I am not sure what that means, I am assuming that is a machine/computer that pays you. Oh, by the way, the race track wants their money back.

There is a problem though... Wes Welker says he isn't giving the money back, and that "They could have under-paid us and we wouldn't have known."

He makes a good point, and he did hand out a lot of $100 bills to fans that afternoon, but probably not $57,193.90 worth. That is what he took home on Derby day instead of his actual due: $42,295.38. He also makes $6 million a year with the Broncos, so maybe he will start handing out cash at games this year too?