The new Video for Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift was released today in conjunction with the soon to be released movie called The Hunger Games coming out in March.  Here is the official video released by the Swift camp today.

From Taste of Country

Taylor Swift‘s ‘Safe & Sound’ is the first song from The Hunger Games soundtrack, and the accompanying video features Swift walking in the barren woods, wearing a loose-fitting white dress. She’s ditched her signature glam ringlets and lipstick and looks like a Plain Jane as she navigates a lonely trail.

Reminds me of Prim...

It’s winter and there are no leaves on the trees. Swift is singing and looking around in apprehension as she walks through the desolate landscape on bare feet, no less. It’s easily one of Swift’s artsy-est videos of her career, and she doesn’t utilize much in the way of plot or props to effectively tell the story.

If you haven't read the book do so...this video is spot on and make you think Taylor is herself in The Hunger Games!