I have always loved scary movies. My daughter and I have developed a bond through the years by watching scary movies together. This afternoon when Zander is at school we have a movie date to watch "The Conjuring". The commercial for that just creep me out,so I am anxious to see if we get the creeps.

I have watched hundreds of horror movies but I think these may be my top 5 that actually scared me. Let me know what you think is the scariest movie you have seen. "Soul Plane" and "Paul Blart Mall Cop" just missed my list.

5. Paranormal Activity. It just had a creepy feel through the whole thing.

4. Jaws. I couldn't even go near water for months after this movie. Careful of the language in this one.

3. The Ring. The little girl in the TV scared the heck out of me.

2. Halloween. The original made me never babysit again.

1. The Exorcist. I still get physically ill watching this movie.