The Wombats kicked off the very first night of the Taste of Fort Collins 2016, playing to a packed crowd lining the grass in Washington Park.  

Madi Scruggs, TSM

On a balmy night in the heart of Old Town, amongst the many amazing smells of the food trucks and restaurant booths, fans young and old gathered on the grass to get ready for the boys from Liverpool to take the stage.  Denver band One Flew West opened for them, showing off original songs and then covering 'Come Together' from The Beatles-- and the crowd went nuts. 

When The Wombats went on, they led with their single, 'Give Me A Try', then made sure to hit their older hits like '1996' and 'Kill the Director'.  The band was quick to excite the crowd when they launched into 'Greek Tragedy', but not without taking a little break first.  I've never heard an encore explained before, but maybe Matthew was tired of the pretense-- he made sure to let everyone know that when they went off-stage, they'd come back on in a few minutes.

Check out all the photos from the show below, including meet and greets.