Looking to get in shape once and for all, tone up for summer, or get rid of that muffin top that came with all those Christmas cookies? These ladies are looking for a gym buddy and they might be a great fit for you.

All of these gals are looking for female workout partners only - men need not apply. However, if you're a man whose sister, wife, girlfriend, mother, etc. might be looking for a workout buddy, feel free to share this with her!

Also, all of these women live in the Denver area because not many women have posted about finding workout buddies in Northern Colorado. If you live up north and are looking for someone close by and don't feel weird posting on Craigslist, go ahead and do so! There are plenty of women out there who want someone to work with them and motivate them to become healthier selves in the new year.

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    Not a big girl, but wants to get fit.

    Jeannie is looking for female fitness buddies that can do mornings Monday-Wednesday and Thursday after 2 p.m. She's looking to firm up her tummy at Aspire in the Denver area.

    Jan 6th I'm turning one year older and I'm looking for a new fun friend to get firm with. I'm not a big girl at all but I want to get fit! Fun friendship a plus!! Not looking for health nuts but yes ppl who do want to change their bodies!

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    Become the opposite of "utterly out of shape" with this gal pal.

    This chill, fun, unnamed 26-year-old in Lakewood is looking for someone to work out with at the Planet Fitness on 44th and Harlan but is offering up her unlimited buddy pass so you can workout with her.

    I'm 26 completely and utterly out of shape and decided to try and get in shape and figured it would be more fun with a friend. I would love to meet someone who is either in the same position I am in or already works out just so we can go together.

    Read her post here.

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    Buddy workouts and friend dinners with Miranda.

    Miranda wants to cook up clean, healthy meals following workouts 2-3 times per week. She's also looking for a gym that has a sauna/hot tub/pool because duh, ballin'.

    I'm into yoga and hiking and dancing so maybe we can find lots of fun ways to stay active...I live in lakewood near 6th ave but I'd be willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Denver and surrounding areas. I'd LOVE to find someone who wants to go TODAY! but I'm patient.

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    Weird schedules that call for 2 a.m. workouts

    This busy Denver girl is looking for someone that either has a similar schedule as her, or prefers to work out at odd hours.

    I am posting in hopes to find someone who works out around 2am....early as hell i know but that's what my schedule allows ☺ email if interested in going to the Lowry 24 but any one is fine

    See her post here.

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    Young at heart.

    When all your friends have a different lifestyle than you, sometimes it can be hard to relate and lose weight. That's why this lovely 60-year-old lady is reaching out to ladies around the world (or Aurora, at least) to help her get in shape.

    I am looking for a few new friends, I work full time so I am free in the evenings and on the weekends. The majority of my friends are younger than me so they have more of lives, with children, significant others and such.Would like to find a work out buddy to help me loose weight. I am 60 years old, but I am a young 60 year...Life is just so much more fun having a friend or friends to do things with.

    I love that last quote - it's SO true. See her post here.