Bears are in the process of fattening up for hibernation. This bear has obviously perfected food and ate all of it.

This big boy was captured on video near Rexburg, Idaho.

Here's what the family that shared the video said about this bear:

My wife and I were on a two month road trip for our honeymoon. While in Idaho, we stopped at a bear sanctuary called Yellowstone Bear World and saw this bear. He is fat and limping due to an injury to his left rear leg.

I'm guessing that they're talking about Yellowstone Bear World since that is located about 5 miles south of Rexburg. It's a drive-through wildlife park and is worth the road trip if you're already planning on visiting Yellowstone and/or the Tetons.

This big boy should have been in the Fattest Bear competition that just wrapped up on I think he could have given 409 Beadnose a run for her money.

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