It's nice to have frequent visitors even if they are elk. A Colorado home has had an elk named Sam show up at their door 14 years in a row.

This elk has been such a regular that the family has named him Sam or "Sammy" if you're being friendly.

According to their video description, Sammy lives in Estes Park. The family I believe lives nearby. Every single year since Sam was a young calf, he's been stopping by their front door and saying hello (in an elk kind of way).

It looks like Sammy is one of the more famous elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. Visit Estes Park has an elk fest contest this year. According to their website, there's a scavenger hunt and "Samson the Elk" is one of the animals you can take a picture of. Who knew?

Even though it's rutting season, Sammy prefers to be social with his human friends just like he's done for the past 14 years.

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